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Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting

Perfect for large SellerDeck sites and WooCommerce websites.

Have you outgrown your shared hosting? Has your e-commerce site grown so much that you need extra processing power? Fed up with bad neighbours!

We can offer you managed virtual dedicated servers, that required little server knowledge to administer! Using the Plesk control panel you can manage your website(s) easily! Nobody to share with! All servers are UK based to help with rankings.

Just as with shared hosting you have access to website statistics, email accounts/webmail and so much more.

Enjoy the fact you are the only person on that server and feel safe in the knowledge your server is looked after by the support team! You can get on and run your day to day business.

The setup charges are £50+ vat for those paying monthly and £20 + vat for those paying quarterly or yearly. 30 days notice must be given or one payment month. (Payment charges are subject to change).

From £130/month +vat.

CONTACT US for further information.