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Domain Names

Domain purchase:

Purchase your domain knowing that it will be registered safely in your company/personal name at a reasonable price.

  •’s can be purchased for a 2 year period at a cost of £16.00 plus Vat/2 year periodDomain icon
  • .com’s can be purchased for a period of 1 year or more. £18.00 plus Vat/year
  • other domain names available
Prices are subject to the pricing structure at the time of purchase. Prices may vary.

We can host your domain for you, or just provide you with an email service making your email address much more professional.


All domain names must be paid for in full before full services can be started.

50 days notice must be given before the re-registration date, or full fee will be required.

We cannot give the guarantee that a domain is yours until it is fully registered with the registrar. This may take from 24 hours to 7 days depending on the type of domain name. A domain name will not be released for your use until payment is received in full. This also applies to re-registration. Non-payment of renewal fees will cause the domain name to be non functional until payment is received in full.

Domain names will be registered in your name or your company name.